Saving lives one Medical Code at a time | Nichole McLin


In addition to meeting Turkessa Priest (Owner and Founder of Turkessa’s Natural Instincts) at the Natural Expo in late July, I also met Nichole McLin, a patient advocate, and owner of Jewvons Medical Coding, Billing, and Consulting.


Nichole McLin | Founder, CEO of Jewvon’s Medical Coding, Billing, and Consulting


When I stopped at Nichole’s table to see what she offered, she instantly began to inform and educate me on the importance of medical coding and billing, and how many instances (which seemed like more often than not) we, as patients, are being taken complete advantage of for our money. She told me that there have been instances where just because of the code in a patient’s documents they have been misdiagnosed with certain illnesses and ended up paying for surgeries or procedures they didn’t need, up to patient’s dying and the family being told they’ve died of other reasons other than the true reason. (These are not in any way shape or form related to patients she works or has worked with.)

The amount of wisdom and knowledge this woman shared through her passion of helping others, in just 5 minutes of speaking, was enough to change and save lives of hundreds of thousands, and all because of medical coding and billing.

Nichole McLin is the Founder and CEO of her own business, Jewvons Medical Coding, Billing, and Consulting. View the video interview I conducted with her below to learn more about her company, what it offers, and gain insight on why she decided to follow her heart and pursue owning and running a business of her own.



Be sure to visit for more information on Nichole’s company, Jewvons Medical Coding, Billing, and Consulting.


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