Marrying Purpose to Passion

Chaz Chapman, Founder, President, & CEO of Chapman Consulting Firm LLC


I was recently scrolling through my Facebook timeline and saw that one of my fellow Kennesaw State University Alumni, Chaz Chapman, was promoting his website created for his business, Chapman Consulting Firm LLC. Chaz created his company in February of 2015, and has successfully been in business ever since.


Chapman Consulting Firm LLC is a management consulting firm that works with organization leaders, by assisting them with creating an effective game plan, to make the vision and the goals they have set to come to life and thrive. CCF specializes and works in the following areas of:

  • providing resources
  • leadership strategy
  • organizational development
  • strategic planning
  • nonprofit administration
  • philanthropy
  • project management
  • interactive workshops


After reviewing Chaz’s website, which was well-created and very professional, I became overwhelmed with excitement and delight by witnessing another KSU Alumni doing great things for the community and self.

Check out the video interview below to receive more information on Chaz (himself), Chapman Consulting Firm LLC, and how it all started. Enjoy!



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