Dominique, Monique, & Nancy | Swipe Down LLC

I got the pleasure to interview three beautiful souls, (did I mention all women?) to be featured on The Black Maverick. Originally from Washington DC and Fort Lauderdale,FL, co-founders Dominique, Nancy, and Monique, own and run the Atlanta-Based marketing firm, SwipeDOWN LLC.

SwipeDOWN LLC, (From Left to Right) Monique, Dominique, & Nancy

Together, these women decided that using proximity marketing was a very affective way to help promote new, small, and upcoming businesses, brands, and creatives. In order to make this plan come alive, they have incorporated a small piece of technology, which is actually a really dope and extremely fascinating way to introduce the people around to one’s work.

Check out Part 1 of the two-part interview to learn more about SwipeDOWN and their intriguing piece of technology, how it works, and how they can assist you in propelling your brand and career forward.



Part 2 of SwipeDOWN’s interview with The Black Maverick is here! Check it out below to learn a bit more about their company and gain a few words of wisdom and encouragement in and out of the field.



Follow SwipeDOWN LLC on Instagram and Twitter @_swipedown , Facebook @SwipeDOWNLLC , and LinkedIN @SwipeDOWN .

Visit their website at or email them at for more information on their marketing and consulting services.


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