God is Present…I am the Sun

After completing my first interview for my blog this summer, in the South’s summer heat and a closed garage (because you can hear the crickets outside), while swatting away flies, and trying to keep my interviewee (one of my great friends Bionca) as comfortable as possible, I knew I needed to do some research and find a studio I could use in the Atlanta area. I called one of my oldest friends and she gave me the idea to ask someone I should’ve thought of from the beginning, my cousin.




I got in contact with GIP (cousin), and he invited me to come tour his studio to see what he had to offer. After looking around the studio we started talking about literally everything, especially the way we view life and our perspective on the best way to live life. Now, even though we are family and have grew up in the same church and have been around each other since we were young, we learned that we have very similar ideals, morals, and values. He reinforced the idea to me that family working together (especially with us having similar beliefs and values) in business can be a great way to support, feed off of one another, and go straight to the top. I’ve been conducting my interviews at his studio ever since, Experiment of Light Studio.

This video interview is a great way to get to know more about GIP, what he does, and what he stands for. He is full of knowledge and has a whole lot of wisdom to share, but only if you’re willing to listen. I’m proud to say this man is my cousin and I see nothing but a prosperous future for him.



To keep up with GIP and his music , visit his website at experimentoflight.com . Don’t forget to follow him on social media @godispresent8 on Instagram.


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