While scrolling through Instagram one day, I noticed I received a message from an actor named Robtaevious Madden. After we connected, I instantly was excited to be interviewing him. Once I viewed his IG page and his YouTube videos I felt like The Black Maverick has made it big time, but extreme nervousness came along with that feeling. Yes, you all, I admit, I experience anxiety and stay in my head thinking of horrible scenarios of things that could possibly go wrong meeting the people I speak with prior to our interview. Let me tell the people that I have met this past 5 months are all extremely intelligent, talented, and inspirational individuals, so I know anything that I don’t have together (if any), I better get it together by the day I meet them. This isn’t exactly a horrible thing, but more so, it pushes be to be better, reminds me of the vision I have for myself and The Black Maverick, and humbles all at the same time. Rob Madden has been one of those people that makes me experience these feelings, no doubt.

View the interview below to find out more about what Rob does, how he got there, get a few words of wisdom, and more! Once you view the interview, let us know what you think!

Follow Rob on Social Media!

Twitter: @iamrobmadden

Instagram: @iamrobmadden

Snapchat: @iamrobmadden

Facebook: Robtaevious Madden

Youtube: youtube.com/RobMaddenMadeIt

Rob also recently announced that he will be releasing his very own talk show “Here’s my Card” on February 20, 2018 at 7PM EST. His show will be featured on his YouTube page, so you MUST subscribe to his youtube here –> http://youtube.com/robmaddenmadeit

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