Here for All Your Natural Hair Needs

I know some of you may have seen this story before (on my IG page), but it won’t hurt to tell it again…

Dejah Myers | Curl Envy Co

Not too long before the day I launched my blog, and was promoting for it on my social media, Dejah Myers, the CEO and Owner of Curl Envy Co, reached out to me through Instagram. I finally was able to meet her at her company’s pop up shop that she had been planning for a good bit of time. (Check out a short recap and meet the sponsors that attended the event here.) I claimed her as my new friend and told her she was stuck with me forever.

We recently met up and I conducted an interview with her that I’ve been waiting to do for a long time. Dejah is a young, hard-working woman, with her own business that was founded in her dorm room. In addition to this and her success, she has a beautiful personality and was blessed with very supportive parents who have instilled values in her that are needed in order to survive in the business world and the real world.

It’s always a good time talking to Dejah and being in her humble presence. Watch the interview below and get a know more about Dejah, her business, and her take on Natural Hair as it relates to society and black culture.

Visit the Curl Envy Website and Follow Dejah on Social Media!


Twitter: @curlenvyco

Instagram: @curlenvyco

Snapchat: @curlenvyco

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