Iyani Hughes | Aspire to Inspire


Raised just outside of Birmingham, AL, and ‘learned life’ in Atlanta, GA, Iyani Hughes is a Journalist, Reporter, and Producer. I met Iyani while both of us attended Kennesaw State University.

She has always been creative, full of energy, and extremely ambitous, which are a few characteristics that I believe have helped her become successful in the many things she has been a part of. For instance, here’s a fun fact for you all:

Soon after I met Iyani a year later she was inducted in the illustrious sorority Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc, and became a soror of mine.


Iyani was very involved on campus life, stayed busy playing soccer on a full-ride scholarship, and even had her own fashion business on the side called iLenice Designs, a frugal fashion inspiration brand. In addition to this, she also created her own designs from affordable pieces she has found.

I always knew Iyani had a bright future ahead of her because of the people she surrounded herself with, and the hard work she put in on and off of campus relating to her career of choice, a reporter. Once she accepted her current position working with WTVY News in Dothan, AL, I knew I had to interview her and share her story with you all.

So here it is! Listen to the full interview with Iyani below. I hope it’s just as much as a blessing to you as it was for me.



Follow Iyani on social media!

Twitter: @simplyme_lenice

Instagram: @simplyme_lenice.tv

Facebook Business: Iyani Hughes TV

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