Pretty Perfect Minks

I met Frances Harley at the Curl Envy Pop Up Shop a couple months ago. Frances had her own table as a vendor at the shop, selling mink lashes from her company Pretty Perfect Minks.
She had a very demanding, but humbling presence, so I knew I had to get a quick interview from her and invite her for a full on feature with The Black Maverick.

You ever heard someone say something similar to “If you have a business or any other type of brand, you must know everything about it, from top to bottom”? Well Frances definitely doesn’t just know her brand, but her reason why she chose to go into beauty industry. Her reason isn’t self-fish or that same old reason everyone who sells lashes, hair, or anything similar would say, but it’s uplifting and empowering. That’s what it’s all about. We should all choose what we do not just based off of what we love, but for bettering others in the end.

Frances wearing her mink lashes.



Frances wearing her mink lashes from Pretty Perfect Minks.





Check out her interview below with The Black Maverick while we discuss more on why she chose this business and where she’s headed with her brand.



Follow France Harley and her business on social media!

IG: @prettyperfminks

FB: Pretty Perfect Minks

Personal IG: @_sanfrandalashfairy

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