Save the V… It’s a Movement

I met the ladies of Save the V, Flow and Mojo, at Nichole McLin’s Health & Wealth Conference in Atlanta, back in March.

While walking around and talking to different vendors, I came upon the Save The V table and saw a box with a bunch of different colored pad packages. The colors drew me in instantly, so, of course I had to talk to them and see what they had to offer.

…They had the cure to menstrual cramps and PMS y’all!!!


Being a girl who has suffered from extreme menstrual cramps and it’s side effects (throwing up, chills, fever-like symptoms, backaches, etc), they didn’t have say anything else. I was sold.

In this interview, we talk about the beginnings of Save the V Movement, it’s purpose, their Cherish pads, and the 4 men…yes, I said MEN…that made it all happen.


Check out Save the V’s full interview below. Don’t forget to comment your thoughts too!



Visit Save the V on the website and follow them on social media!



Instagram: @savethev_movement

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