Isaac M. Hamm III : “The Brand is You”

Back in the early beginnings of The Black Maverick, I was sitting in a Starbucks around the Atlanta area, and instantly connected with a man named Isaac M Hamm III.

…Well, that was after we both were distracted by two older men playing a LOUD game of cards! Ha!

We spoke for a moment exchanged cards and business info, while I was thinking of the perfect time to contact him to interview with me for The Black Maverick.


I received an email later on about a celebration for Black Music Month (June), created by Mr Hamm, called The Comeback “Power Brunch”, hosted in Atlanta, GA. (Isaac talks more about this event and its origins in the interview below.) This email informed me that I was invited to attend, and also interview Isaac. Needless to say, this was the perfect time I was waiting for.


Check out our full interview below to get to know about Isaac, his businesses, more about his ties with Black History Month, and receive a whole heap of advice on building and maintaining a business and a brand.



Visit Isaac’s website and follow him on social media!



Twitter: @im3media

Instagram: @izzyike


Don’t forget to purchase your tickets and celebrate Black Music Month at The Comeback!
Purchase The Comeback tickets here.



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