Celebrating Black Music Month 2018 | The Comeback Power Brunch Atlanta

This was my first time hearing about Black Music Month (June). Ridiculous right? Well, considering that I’m black and my love for music runs deep. Have you all heard of Black Music Month? And if so, what do you do every year to celebrate?


Prior to this month, I received an invite from Isaac M Hayes III, an entrepreneur I recently interviewed, (click here to view his interview) to attend his event, “The Comeback Power Brunch Atlanta, where Tony Terry would be awarded, and I would work as media.


First off, I was extremely excited and thankful for the opportunity to review this event, but I must admit, I was also a bit nervous because this was my first red carpet event. Even though I was experiencing a variety of emotions simultaneously and didn’t feel I was qualified for this type of opportunity, I figured I would be alright because God wouldn’t have blessed me with this chance if He didn’t feel like I was ready.


Needless to say, I thoroughly enjoyed myself and the experience. I met a variety of powerful, beautiful, and inspiring black entrepreneurs, creatives, and influencers. Oh, what a great feeling it was to be in a room illuminated with Black Excellence!











Check out the full recap of The Comeback Power Brunch Atlanta below!


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