Meet the Kidpreneurs | Kennedi & Caden

WakeUp Rise Photoshoot
photo by: @sincerecaptures
Kennedi & Caden (pictured in the front)

I met the two siblings, Kennedi & Caden at the Black Excellence photoshoot hosted by WakeUp Rise earlier this year. We all wore t-shirts from WakeUp Rise’s ‘Black Excellence’ line, that defined who we are and what we do.

While waiting for the photoshoot to start, I spoke to their parents, both who are extremely supportive in assisting their children in their businesses towards

success, and putting them in the best position to expand their brand. Afterwards, Kennedi and Caden briefly described to me what it was they did, and what they planned on doing. Amazed isn’t the word.

I decided to do some more research on them and was also was impressed by their speech and interviewing skills. They both are very outspoken. Needless to say, I was moved and extremely motivated.







One thing I’ve learned about the youngest generation, in these past couple of years, is that they don’t wait for adulthood to start becoming WHATEVER it is they want to be, or doing what they want. There is way more in store for these two bright and hard-working entrepreneurs.

Click on the video below and check out their full interview !



Follow Kennedi & Caden on social media and visit their websites!

IG: @klock_products

IG: @daddydidyouknow

Facebook: Daddy Did You Know



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