The Black Maverick’s 1-YR Anniversary Show

…hosted by none other than the Founder and Creator of this blog, promoting black excellence, Amanda Taylor. Thank you all for your continuous support, and for tuning in today.

Before we get started, let’s give a little background about The Black Maverick.

On August 1st of 2017, I remember it all too well. I finally hit ‘Publish” on my first blog post, and made my blog public for everyone to view. It took me an entire year to get my blog to the point where I said, “this is perfect”. That never happened!! HA!

I literally spent months creating, recreating, then fixing, and undoing my website, until I finally spoke to my friend’s mom and dad, whom I’ve also built a relationship. Basically, they finally told me what I needed to here, “Your website is fine; put it out there!” Once I heard those words, I became at ease and felt content with the hard work I put in, and made up my mind that it was time.

photo by: @sincerecaptures
WakeUp Rise “Black Excellence” Photoshoot

The Black Maverick was created with the purpose of promoting black excellence to defy negative stereotypes enforced, then reinforced on the black community, typically by the media. The Black Maverick, in this past year, has successfully began breaking down the so called “black narrative”, and is playing a huge role in its reformation.

…My way of doing work as a black activist.   

I have learned so much, grown in aspects that I didn’t even know that were possible, and have met a ton of great like-minded people, something I’ve never been to familiar with.

I appreciate all of the supporters, followers, donors, friends, family, etc. EVERY SINGLE ONE of you have played a huge part in this first year’s success. All I can say now is that year 2 is going to be huge! I have my list of goals written that are going to be accomplished, and currently working on improving my personal self, especially since the recent message I received from Queen Oprah was that ‘I am a person before I am a brand’. I humbly ask you all pray for blessings.

NOW…on to the show. I’m so excited and hope you all enjoy! (My mom would be so proud.)

Drumroll please! … Now, for The Black Maverick’s 1-YR Anniversary Reunion Show!

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