Timiya Abrams | Studio 54 Cosmetics, Aesthetik Boutique, & Millenial Elite Co

Timiya Abrams, Owner of Studio 54 Cosmetics, Aesthetik Boutique, & Millenial Elite Co
Photo by The Black Maverick

23- year-old Atlanta-Native, calls herself a serial entrepreneur, well…because she is one!

Timiya Abrams owns three different businesses! Two of which she runs herself (Studio 54 Cosmetics and Aesthetik Boutique), and one where she co-owns with a partner (Millenial Elite Co). When I found this out, I had to give her props, because just running one business and doing doing everything from obtaining products, marketing the brand, networking, or building skills for services, putting in the time to complete those services in the best way…well I think you all get it. Running A, ONE business can be a lot of work!


Get to know more about Timiya, how she gets her life together to run three businesses, and why she is called a ‘fashion connoisseur’ in her short interview below.



Follow on social media and visit the websites below to check out products and services.

IG: @_doseofmiya

IG: @studio54cosmetics

IG: @aesthetikboutique

IG: @millenialeliteco

Website: studio54cosmetics.com

Website: shopaesthetik.com

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