Boesy Wales Photo 1Hello everyone! My name is Amanda, the Founder and Creator of The Black Maverick. I’m a God-fearing, 20-something, Atlanta-born, suburban girl. For years I’ve been thinking (as far as fighting for the equity of black lives) we need a solution. From (as a whole) receiving poor healthcare to being victims of police brutality, there has to be a way out of this. No, I don’t mean marching and short-lived twitter movements where people just show up and leave, that’s all too convenient and clearly, today doesn’t effectively demand anything. And honestly, truly, I’m sick of the “hey, this is the cool thing everyone’s doing, let’s go join in just cause” ‘solutions’.

While growing up, I heard “if you want to get rid of an issue, you have to start from the root”. I thought to myself that the reason why we are treated that way we are is because of how we are viewed as a people. Anywhere you turn, from the news, to movies, to magazines, even textbooks, the negative stereotypes (as well as limited characteristics) associated with, the black man, is constantly being projected out into the world, and internalized by anyone watching…everyone.

Therefore, the solution needs to involve the sensory we want associated with us from here on out that will begin solving the issue. For the current state we are in today, I figured we have to be careful on how we choose to act, because we still are being viewed as people less than deserving. At the same time, I wanted my passion and personality to show through this piece of work.

I consider myself to be a highly positive person and decided to go with the “fighting negativity with positivity route” and chose to interview and feature blacks who have inspirational stories, and have made significant accomplishments to influence, empower, and uplift our community.

Now I’m also pretty realistic. I believe that balance and truth grounds us all, and I understand that everything isn’t always sunshine, blue skies, and roses. Therefore, I have also decided to incorporate the black perspective from you all onto the website, so our voice will be promoted and heard not just within, but outside of our community.

This blog/website isn’t just for me, it’s greater than me, it’s for us. This is for blacks of all generations, young and old. The Black Maverick was made to defy today’s conventional media tactics that purposefully work to suppress the black community and to plant negative images in the minds of people (including our own) about who we are. This is going to be a long journey, and we can’t do this single-handedly, but with the help of you all, we will, together, reach new heights. It’s just the beginning.


So, I now present to you…For Us; By Us,

The Black Maverick

Inspire | Uplift | Empower


Let’s get it!


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