Mission: To promote the greater image of the Black Community and defeat negative stereotypes and profiling of Blacks, by revealing success and accomplishments of inspirational black individuals.
Vision: The chief, dependable source for promoting Black Businesses, Entrepreneurs, and Creatives, while reporting inspirational achievements in, and perspectives of the black community.
Purpose: To inspire, empower, and uplift the people of the Black Community to rise above, take pride, and become everything they are and were meant to be.
"In the summer of 2016, I broke down in the middle of the office after viewing the back to back murders of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, by police brutality. In addition to the murder, the media portrayed their stories as black men who were deserving of what happened to them. I was sick and frustrated. 
Soon after, I received a divine vision to create a platform based on success and positivity from the black community that is typically not shown in the media. The Black Maverick was created with the intent of taking control of and changing the black narrative and amplifying black voices by promoting black entrepreneurs' and creatives' businesses, positive black news, and the black perspective on all issues that affect the black community." 

- Founder & Creator, Amanda Taylor
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