Former attorney Joe Cecala and the Chairman of Cadiz Capitol Holding LLC, William Ellison, founded The Dream Exchange, a Chicago-based black and minority owned equity firm. In all of the 230 years of US stock Exchanges, The Dream Exchange is the first black owned in history, and what they hope to become the new aged Black Wall Street.
As far as generational wealth building goes, Blacks are at an extreme disadvantage. Once Cecala recognized this, he founded The Dream Exchange which he says “is a real solution to the long-term systemic issues plaguing our country by providing a marketplace where money flows to any organizations that help us to survive better as a society.” Ellison says that he believes The Dream Exchange is the way to help businesses participate more extensively in the US economy.
Furthermore, The Dream Exchange will list small companies that desire to expand their reach, with an emphasis on minority-owned businesses. So far, approximately a commitment of registering with The Dream Exchange from 6000 black-owned businesses has been confirmed, and will go public on the site in 2021. Currently, the exchange is offering a platform for businesses to connect with investors.
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