Robyn AKA Lil Bit Saucy | Photo via IG @lilbitsaucy

Robyn A.K.A Lil Bit Saucy , 12-year-old rapper, has been selected and hired by LEGO as their first ever kids Creative Director for Kids Creative Studio. LEGO said they received more than 120+ diverse, talented, passionate and unique submissions which made this decision challenging. Kids Creative Studio is led by the youth which was created to the creativity of the youth. According to LEGO, Kids Creative Studio will discover and elevate the best creative kid talent with an amazing opportunity to create official LEGO content, along with music videos, that puts their full skills on display for the world. Get to know a little about Robyn A.K.A. Lil Bit Saucy and view here submission video hereĀ .

Kids Creative Studio Logo | Photo via LEGO

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